This page is no longer being updated: PAFT is no longer operational.
It is provided only as a public resource by AFEAS.

PAFT: Programme for Alternative Fluorocarbon Environmental Toxicity Testing

[HFC-32] [HFC-125] [HFC-134a] [HCFC-123] [HCFC-124] [HCFC-141b] [HCFC-225ca/cb]

* Human Inhalation Studies on HFC-134a and HFC-227ea
Results of a recent laboratory study of HFC-134a and HFC-227ea

* About PAFT
Overview and purpose of PAFT

* Glossary
Definitions of fluorocarbon-related words

* PAFT Member Companies and Testing Laboratories
Links to PAFT's seventeen parent companies and their testing laboratories

* PAFT Administrative Organization
RAND Environmental Science & Policy Center (ESPC)

* Contact PAFT
Send e-mail to members of PAFT or RAND

Last updated February 15, 2001.